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May 25, 2017
MidiPiano - Screenshot 1

For the people vocalists available, the pitch is simply too large. There's no way of altering the pitch when I could see.


Great small gadget for everybody except those that want to rehearse vocally.

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It sounds like fun.


I decided to go to there web site. It takes you to definitely a site where there is nothing but websites to select. It generates me bother about what it puts on my Computer.

There site is nothing but the search engines.

it make time to "get used to it". but getting quick, and simple. work hard.

lastly, how about the creator of DSW piano offer the user with simple piano tab. about, I could play piano also. hehe. about I will "show-off" in front the woman. hehe.thanks!!!

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+ Simple screen which help file
+ Uses keyboard buttons to try out
+ Aids MIDI IN and OUT
+ permits to play together with multiple computer systems
+ Uses MIDI sets regarding the computer (a standard computer has actually 128 tools
+ exceptionally little programme (under 2mb)

- cannot have MIDI tools, so quality of sound is pretty bland
- just aids MIDI IN and keyboard for feedback (therefore no mouse assistance
- Cannot save file as MIDI files, just in a custom format

An extremely simple and little program, precisely what I was trying to find, because we perform keyboard myself and I wanted to do it to my pc. Although it lacks some MIDI tables for better audio quality (it works utilizing the ones pre-installed with windows) as well as the capability to save your self to MIDI, it doesn't make any claims for anyone types of things anyways.

But MIDI IN and OUT assistance tend to be a welcome surprise including a function for connecting to many other pc's, which also comes with a talk window (maybe not tested).

On the whole DSW piano could be better, however it already an excellent small system as is.

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Huge selection of tools. Capability to capture music.

Inabiility to make use of the mouse to relax and play keys.

Good little computer software for having a fiddle regarding the piano. The ability to capture and play-back your recordings can also be very good. Could be good to additionally be in a position to play the tips by hitting all of them as opposed to being forced to use the keyboard.

It absolutely was simple to install and it is therefore intuitive that i would suggest this computer software to any or all. I must say I liked exploring marimba and metal drums for a Caribean state of mind. In addition liked the woodblock, tubular bells, and vocal shades.

Whenever you press numbers in order to get flats from the reduced scale it leaps to a new instrument that actually is an excellent short-cut to changing between sound-effects.

We liked this pc software because it is simple to use and wonderful collection of tools.

simple to use and free

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